Sep 10, 2011

cosmo cosmic

 its the opening night of "fish" at 3rd floor cosmic rca.
 and its the birthday party of this girl (screaming one!) who said i wasn't there!! here you r fish! the evidence HAHAHA
 note promote the "white lies" tic.
 lady soma
 clay and bloom, i'm ta keaw pad!

 คุณครูคะ นู๋มีเรื่องจะปรึกษา?
 its a friday girls night out, gene/ cc/ kiki

 never know who you gonna meet on the street!, mac @ one management
 p san @ jj.
 street life. gene looking chic in soda and dolce & gabbana purses/ me in junya watanabe comme des garçons denim jacket & skirt, prada creeper.
kiss everyone have a nice weekend, and don't forget don't drink and drive! be

1 comment:

  1. lovely mac... he he he
    last one p'gene look so nice
    love your prada shoes anyway :)
    thanks p' mark mak mak :)