May 18, 2011

free spirit

 r u guys ready for this, its paloy-ploy & ploy (เสียดายขาดน้องพลอย(แฝดเพรช)ไปอีกคน จะได้เป็นพลอย พลอย พลอย พลอย)  but of cause its all different. each girl have their own unique way.
 p kob soda. i love this lady very much. so few to find lady her age with so much sense of style and grace.
 tutee, designer/ owner tutti & tutti frutti.

 ken, actor
 nee in tutti
pim , nonglek
 ไว้ทุกข์ให้อาอี๊ อินกอม เด กาซอง
 tutee and i used to go to pret a porter in Paris together. we went to les puces de saint-ouen (porte de Clignancourt) after the fair, and she would go frantic around the place. she called up her family and her baby "dada" to let them known how much she love the place for hours, and promise she will take them here in the future. that's when i know how much she love and care about her family. this girl is special. just like clothes she design, sweet, feminine, honest, romantic , full of chiffon and pretty lace. in pastel color.Tutti and Tutti Frutti Spring Summer' 11 collection inspired by  the classic film,The Sound of Music. doe ray meeeee. and yes, now open its door for you to go inside and feel.

Tutti-women's wear, Tutti Frutti -baby wear Shop at

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