May 21, 2011

classic / must have items

this is something that never go out of style, who said? i said, cus i'm a fashion designer! don't hate me because i'm beautiful. yay yay i know this may sound boring, but again, at this age of you can find "fashion" everywhere, is in the air of department store, is in food we eat ,is in book we read, is in music we listening to is even in the sidewalk of every street! you can be anything depends on your taste and money of cause!
but i choose to be this way. so many write about this 10 essential timeless thing every women should have. here is my own version ; no rules!!!!!! and there is noooo something you can wear forever!
white blouse
black dress prefer lanvin
jeans, apil, cheap monday, so many!
trench coat prefer burberry
watch(rolex)belts, scarf
punk studs (not a man)
jackets, boomer
polo, hats
fur , prada colorful one
lace, dolce&gabbana
flower prints
animal prints
dot and stripe
tees, alexander wang
tank top
pencil skirt
men's trouser
suites a very tailor one prefer YSL.
shades prefer 1 aviator ray-ban and one big one.
pumps,  louboutin and so many!
hermes' bag
chanel bag and suit and everything actually!
red lipstick
 go naked!
and lastly ask your man!!

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