Apr 15, 2011

white punk

 when you see something you really like you want to keep to give or what? i sometimes save and hope it will make a future conversation. like terence koh aka asianpunkboy who have been around cool art scene for a while. i first see him in purple and think who is this asian boy ? oh he make arts ,creates handmade books, sculpture, and performances.
 this painting (they call it) are made out of  corn syrup and powdered sugar ! 1out of 51 pc, from “Flowers for Baudelaire” NY2008
 ชายคนนี้ไม่ได้เดินผ่านถนนข้าวสารหรือสีลมช่วงวันสงกรานต์ แต่เค้าเป็นศิลปินชาวจีน-แคนนาดาที่ผลงาน แรงสส โดนใจแคนดี้ และน่าจับตามองที่สุดณตอนนี้  บนTerence Koh1 show in new york
 i'm like wtf. is going here? kkk?? hope not, but it looks cool tho. i like the ritul ness feel in white.
 he photo his boyfriend nude, Chris As Deer (Autumn Night), 2003 ummm i wish my bf do this for me on christmas night.
 yep! he's the one who write on gaga's birkin, and design that white perl bath for gaga amfar.
 koh perform at boombox (my bedroom haha). he colap w so many cool ppl. like gareth pugh or nicola formichettithis list go on. and yes he party w ppl like rick owen, so you can imagine what were they talkin about at dinner table, insect? 
so many more things i want to see from him, and would be nice to sit down talk with him someday or ask him why white?

http://www.asianpunkboy.com/  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<,

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