Apr 11, 2011

my mood now

 if you have been follow & reading my blog, i'm sure you must have come across one or two of these images i selected for mood now. they provoke something in me and say a thousand words.
 Guy Bourdin
 Guy Bourdin
 Guy Bourdin
 fashion story in V i love the hair style
 fashion story in W
 jade enter studio54 on her birthday party in the 70s

 montana show in the 80s

dali's desk
 halston a/w2011 presentation
 story in vouge paris
 givenchy resort 2011
 my wish list
 i love this image! Helmut Newton
 Helmut Newton
 Helmut Newton “Chateau d'Aunoy II, 1977″ so erotic and seductive. this can be new image you see in purple magazine?
 mugler and newton
 this is so strong! very much like you see in gucci adds before? i'm sure
 lots of sexaul expression but done in a good way
 Berlin 2008 Helmut Newton Exhibition also where hewas born in picture is brigett neilson in the 80s
he was a pioneer for artistic photo nudes and fashion photography. he made women's body look so strong and sexy. i love his work now.

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