Mar 19, 2020

Thai Designers SS2020

 asava ss2020 new women and print of charm

poem ss2020 the body of rhythmic resonance

ASV ss2020 uniformity & the film Death in Venice

everydayKMKM ss2020 everyday wear

vickteerut ss2020 the modernity and the theory of Unraveled Grotesqueness 

tandt ss2020 the category is dream and Diana 

disaya ss2020 is back to Victoiean

drycleanonly ss2020 all the lover at CASA dry clean only

milin ss2020 with her Young Madame

landmee ss2020 my pleasure is my business family

Kloset ss2020 the treasure is Hidden

sretsis ss2020 Siamese Sisterhood

greyhound ss2020 is a summer WARcation

issue ss2020 travel to his favorite place, you know where

janesuda ss2020 the lace is more

painkiller ss2020 the boys are Siamese Spirit team

And this is all my sweet 16 Thai Designers this season spring / summer 2020 collection man women of Thailand. Due to the pandemic of Corona virus or COVID 19 Bangkok Fashion Week is cancelled. Being helthy is the most important thing today then happiness is follow. We are all in difficult time the danger of virus spread everywhere. Its time that we should really reconsider and change our habbit about our personal hygiene. Whatever is good to society then we should do like work from home, don't go to crowded place. Its time we should take a responsibility to society and to ourself. wear mask, wash your hands, no human touch, eat hot and clean food. We will get through this together. much love, take care #selfdistancing #selfqurantine

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