May 7, 2013

the world of encens

 before i forget i must do this. this weekend i went to Feast Summer Fete at Ekkamai soi22 and found this unbelievable hard to find here in Bangkok, bruno Pieters jacket and rick owens tees and pant that remind me of this magazine i collected so here come this post, show you the archive of this great design magazine feature the best in fashion from the past to present.

 no.1 spring2001

 no.2 summer 2001
 no.7 fall 2002
 no.8 summer 2003
 no.9 spring 2003
  no.13 summer 2004

 no.13 summer 2004

 no.17 spring summer 2006
no. 19 2007
 no.20 fall winter 2008
 no.21 spring summer 2008

 no.22 fall winter 2009

 no.23 summer 2009

 no.24 fall2010

 no.25 ss 2010

 no.26 2011

no.27 2012 Back to Japan

no.28 2012 The White Issue

no.29 2013 A personal uniform

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