Feb 16, 2013

knowledge and power / hotel art fair1

 my fav room "free people from idiot media" by Vasan Sitthiket from artery silom19
 nong Duang editor in chief Harper's Bazaar and moi
 yayoi kusama by DCA Consultant
 ple and kade cloud9
 nulek yongsakul Princess Yachts and pr. Maduzi and me
 ghost furby 5 5 5
valentine me with givenchy my real love. XOXO
Hotel ArtFair No.1
15-17 Feb 2013
Maduzi Hotel Sukumvit Asoke
life as how we see and what you want the world to see. ma du zi ask you to come see others works. happy unhappy born love live sex money boredom dream death. we want to see what we want. we hope and we made love online. a sensual pleasure, fake-truth conquers the new digital world. cheers!

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