Feb 22, 2013

blossom awesome / disaya ss13 show

 p art in vtg. and ggub bag, joy ananda stylist of the show in disaya of cause.
 a danai. si phisinee
 or the only son and paloy horwang in disaya
 my lovi artsy girl pomme in asv by asava and pure
 ทายสิค่ะว่ารูปนี้มีผู้หญิงอยู่กี่คน? วิสกี้ พี่โหน่ง ดิฉัน และ คุณแม่ดิชั่นคะ
 p amm also in asv by asava jumpsuit 5 5 5
 p and p. xoxo
 leg leg and legs moi, jor, nuluk and mimi
 mo painkiller, pippa playhound. it is nice to see others designers come support the designer.
 aimee looking lovely in prada.
spring / summer 2013 ready-to-wear
"kisses from the blooms"
its the fountain of colors here at Disaya and the girls are looking pretty walking on the flowery lawn to the party.

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