Jan 27, 2013

philosophical / soda wedding

 P Gob Maynard
 Bride party dress is by Soda.
 pie and p moo
 p tay nitra p tue and p tay's daughter
 p rika and prink
 p jom

 p art and poong

 pod, matina, me and prink

 look at the smile of happiness on her face almost make me cry. she really the godmother to all of us.

 boyy, luknat and p art
 p nat
 pod and aey
 tuti and bee
 bloom and moi
The Wedding of Yung and Tub the only son of P Gob Maynard the founder and designer of the legendary house of Soda this weekend in Khao yai was the most impressive and memorable reception party! 300 friends and family guests include mmcandy were invited to the private hill range own property of P Gob "Heavenly Haveli". The 3 months of preparation transform the place into a normadic multicultural twist. food and drinks caters by White Cafe of cause and open the floor musics by P Gob herself follow by the groom deejaying dance music to close the bright and happy night by the full moon. congratulations to the happy couple and here are my polaroids from the most love party.

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