Feb 18, 2011

local hi fashion

 vi, designer
 greyhound designer
 p moo, asava
 om, disaya
  model at issue
 model at issue

 model at issue
 tle, nonglekx, bloom
 pimdow, sretsis's designer
 p lang, designer
 is, stylist
 kai, musician
 tunn, stylist
 vay, asv by asava designer
 al, stylist
 aey, stylist
bfs. = bangkok fashion society is an organization consist of thai designers and ,hi-fashion brands. we have presentation to the press (only) twice a year plus other activities within the members. this year theme " think global dress local" was shown last week at hunsar hotel, with the coming of bangkok fashion week mid next month.i've got some nice picture for you and c u around fashionista! for summer 2011 show

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