Feb 23, 2011

friend bloger miss u

 mia haggi , model and photographer from estonia. i meet her during a casting 2 years ago later we become friend. we bum to eachother in a couple of parties. she took this picture of me in a friend's birthday bash party at monkey bar. she write a very interesting blog call http://miahaggi.blogspot.com/ about photos and fashion.
 paul is a fashion student from bangkok, he took this picture of me after only 3 weeks of experimenting his new camera. he wants to try out his new camera on me. so here we are doing a little photo session on a bright clear day in bangrak area.
 not bad for a starter. he making a blog at http://paultins.blogspot.com/
au ,went to study fashion in london and came back to open his own shop "APOSTROPHE-P" on naratiwad rd.น้อยคนมากที่ยังทำร้านเสื้อผ้าออกแบบเองตัดเอง we share the same love in fashion. and we often run into each other in fashion week. he kindly wrote about me in his lovely blog call http://mepanya.blogspot.com/

pls. do visit them all ,each blog have it own unique view on thai fashion!

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  1. thx to wrote something about me my shop and my blog love u so sweet kub