Feb 10, 2015

bfs ss15

Tipanan Krairiksh designer / founder Tu'i accessories exotica.For spring summer 2015 she goes for cutesy heart shape "Girl Talk" collection. Hand made exotic skin in pink champagne gray and black colors look so nice!
me in marc by marcjacobs bow cape. diy by panida top over jpg vintage and senada bag.
asava "The State of Mind" going back to it's roots brand dna which is urban sophisticated realistic and authentic. continue using New York as the inspiration landmark, Statue of Liberty a symbol of elegant free spirit independent woman.
kloset girls take a journey to the new adventure of "Holiday Heart breaker" flowers of Kenya and African turf are used for inspiration. so lets go explore... found

I'm sitting with Roj designer / founder of issue in his boyscout inspired tent. นาย
for ss15 Tutti like to served us the what's cooking in her backyard kitchen. that is "Luscious Green"

playhound "Art School" students are pranksters! they come in class with style.

greyhound ss15 inspired by the surreal art this time. abstract arts from Martisse were use as a graphic. with this season hot color ; cobalt blue white and gray.
Retro futurism of the 70s inspired this "Former Future" Painkiller's men's wear
Jeff Koon and the beloved films Grey Garden inspired Curated this season #11
60s Twist and Shout is a new concept here at senada*
The year in love for Milin. the designer got married and here is "The Morning After" collection. softer in design and color but full of surprise!
Beau de Jour is a disaya new day of exciting girlie roll around in bed.
vickteerut ss15 are free of anxieties and relax. you can feel it in the cloths. simple but full of story.

BFS. SS15 Bangkok Based Asean Best

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