Dec 31, 2013

without you

kit b, maan, linda, me, and matthieu matilda

doctor assistant in realistic situation gown, matt matilda the hooker in candy

matina wednesday, pimdow and doc vic

pope adam, lady mk, nurse britney siliem

live perform by moderndog, jukk, apartmentkhunpa and gene

crazy beautiful kasidit

k pop and brand name obsession gang

best invitation, all with different tag, information, personalize card and a bottle of Absolut
this wristband belong to patient pom pom. mine MM should be sleeping pill really instead i got birth control pill ! lol

Dudesweet asylum
11th anniversary
with Absolut
at cloud47 silom
Happy Birthday xxx & Happy New Year to you all lovely people
you know i always love you XOXO
Dudesweet has something for Everybody...

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