Jul 6, 2013

stay strong

Electric Star Gene Kasidit came to my party with her self made self styling tattoo! I love XOXO

 Gene in vintage MJ style lame jacket and i wearing MARU gold and leather chocker i made
 The gang of old friends and new stars; Mark K got harass by Lek (don't hate me) Kate who has just returned from Italy sex tour. Est and KeyKey de la Rue as Blondie.
 P Toey designer who i highly respect, Lek, Maan Lips and Brian. Moi, P Paye and Kate.
 Lek, P Toey, white face, my beloved boss and friend p Moo asava and p Art araya as an man eater
 God and Goddess was my party theme and here are Romain and Francis
 The wait. CC
 Adam and Sammy aka Sureal Tiffany Derelrium also came
 Tong Tapas and moi moi
 Amazing night by the river with a view of Wat Arun the temple of dawn.
 แหม่เห็นมะคนเกิดเดือนนี้ทีแต่คนสวยๆน่ารักๆทั่งน่านน น้องชม ก็เกิดเดือนนี้ my beloved star Chompoo Araya A Harget. picture at her private birthday paty "The Sexy Gatsby"
 and... my adorable girl LULU also born on the same day i am. here at her Mermaid party.
I'm in Lalalove London and it new shop Emporium Department Store and vintage Gainni Versace. Happy Birthday! to me and to THANK YOU! for all the bd wishes and gifts. I'm so grateful to be with you. XOXO

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