Oct 14, 2012

elle fashion week day3

 something boudoir
 kwankao a/w2012
the contemporarist by OCAC
namwann wearing something boudoir
 me & sarah
 paloy wears him&her accessories
 gene in asava and theatre collar
 nee wear vintage dress and curated by ek thongprasert
 voddy, jeed
 hook's by prapakas
 hook's by prapakas a/w12 sexy body-con with ultra fem fatal details rock x chinese boudoir.
 hook's by prapakas
  curated by ek thongprasert 's mother know best a/w2012
 curated by ek thongprasert  know how to do best collection too, everything base on aprons design and the 50s. perfect styling with big hairdos and who can forget those live instrument

 66 and tum
 telm, wisk
 william Y
 thi, po
 nino, kungnang, aokbab
 konstantin, fedy
 something boudoir

 something boudoir
something boudoir a/w12 "last teenage kiss" forever together on the floor at high school prom night!

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