Sep 16, 2017

Thai Designers FW17

 for asava, true beauty come from within. "grace" reflected one
's intelligent through action and decisions.
 asv is "at the ballet"
 journey to santorini white beach come patinya's "beautiful blue journey"
 vickteerut open mind to "multiple perspectives"
 cure your shopaholic with milin "rehap season"
 take a trip to orient express in kloset's "wake up and rise"
 what is original? or unoriginal . greyhound "not original"
 "xin tian di" yesterday meet tomorrow t&t
 wear your heart in sretsis "universe"
 then go "across the universe" with theatre
 modern day princess in tutti "once upon a time"
 the prominently soft and sleek disaya "vanitas rebel"
take a ride to malaca" with issue new collection

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