Jun 12, 2014

13 best fashion show of my manifesto

 I can never forget this shape image of new woman at Gucci revamp by Tom Ford in 1996. I immediately become fan and actually ran out to Gucci shop to buy a pieces.
 Gianni Versace do created the era of Super Models when Linda Cindy Naomi And Christy walk out in baby doll dresses singing to rock music at the show in 1997
Thierry Mugler couture printemps-été 1997 My first subject about fashion in university year and i got grade A. an amazon parade of insect demons and angle show the most extravagant fashion couture of the 90s.
 when Shalom spin and got spray paint by the robot at Alexander McQueen in 1999. that is some of most created cloths and show I've ever seen. since then all his show is A must attend show.
 i just love the bad boy of fashion Jean Paul Gaultier. he made cloths and show with no rules and boundaries. He made history to fashion industry for good and bad sake.
 this 2007 Dior 's madame butterfly by John Galliano is one of my most beautiful and poetic show ever. One after another. he keep made a most wonderful magical theatrical show on earth. i can't wait for his come back
 Louis Vuitton by Marc Jacobs the Grand Express is one of the most expensive show that can not be miss on my list. I love the cloths and bags here so much.
 Chanel Chanel and all Chanel Show actually.
 i love this milano apartmento set up at Prada. she is so forward thinking. she's ahead two or three seasons always.
 Kenzo Paris. the venue is epic everytimes.
 the energy at Givenchy 2014 show. so modern and strong i love the vibe
 Jil Sander by Raf Simons the exit show. so beautiful , emotional and sentimental
jaw drop always at Viktor & Rolf since the Russian Doll show and all shows after. remain my beloved designers and show.
vdo จากโชว์ต่างๆที่แคนดี้รัก หาดูได้จากทาง youtube :)

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